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Brixham is a very old and historic town, full of legends and ghosts. We warmly welcome visitors and new inhabitants, but beware, you cannot call yourself a Brixhamite until you have at least three generations of your ancestors buried in the our churchyard. Wherever you go in Brixham, there are reminders of the old days.

In summer, you will be invited to Cowtown carnival, but you won’t find this address on the street map. Its name is a reminder of times long ago when Brixham was two separate communities, with only a marshy lane to connect them. Cowtown was where the farmers lived, at the top of the hill, while, about a mile away, the seamen made their homes near the harbour in Fish town. Today, the ancient rivalries have (mostly) been forgotten, but old Brixham is still there, and, if you keep your eyes open, you can find it.

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